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DC Training

This is a post authored by the inventor of the DC Training system Dante himself aka doggcrapp so here it is in the words of the man himself.

DC training *

Bodybuilding as a whole is extreme and you must go to extreme lengths to be an out of the ordinary bodybuilder in this activity. The human body in no way wants to be 270 to 330 lbs of extreme muscularity. It wants to be a comfortable 155 to 180 lbs and will do a lot to keep a person at that homeostasis level. Jon Parillo was on the right track years ago when he was trying to make bodybuilders into food processing factories. It takes extreme amounts of food (protein), extremely heavy weights, sometimes extreme supplementation, (the choice) of extreme drugs, and other extreme situations to take a person who by evolution and genetics should be 180 pounds and make him into a hardcore 3 hundred pounds. OK first I have to go over some principles I believe in regarding training and I’ll hit more on training details later...

Welcome to Anabolic Development

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A no bs approach to bodybuilding and training.

Coaching services also to include diet, training and anabolic use. Clients will be given a private thread to post to as well as more access to other resources.

Winter 10 Week Lean Bulk Mass Building Program Grow with the Snow

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The Workout

We will be training four days a week. Focusing on Heavy and Rest-Pause sets.

View the Article @

John Meadows EliteFTS 1/1 Seminar. Must watch!

The Balanced Macro Diet

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Great video from the guys at Animal products and Evan Centopani about diet.

What is a ketogenic diet?

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What is a ketogenic diet?
  • A carb restricted diet that uses fat as energy versus carbohydrates. When we severely restrict carbs the body starts producing ketones. When carbs are restricted the liver is forced to utilize fats and creates ketone bodies as byproducts to provide the body fuel. Approximately 50% of the fuel the body produces is used by our brain. The brain relies on glucose for its energy needs derived from carbs or protein. In the absence of glucose the brain begins to utilize ketones and over time will become ketone adapted.
What are ketone bodies?
The three ketone bodies are:
  • Acetoacetate (AcAc)
  • Hydroxybutyric acid (BHB)
  • Acetone
How does the ketogenic diet burn body fat?
  • Keto burns body fat because of the carb restriction. The drop in insulin and a rise in ketone bodies leads to fat loss. I have not found any empirical scientific evidence the proves this claim but there is a vast amount of...